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Pocket Letter – Valentine’s Edition

What is a pocket letter? It’s the modern version of pen pals with a creative twist! It was created by Janette Lane and it’s so much fun!! My crafty friend introduced me to it by sending me a beauful pocket letter! It looked like fun, but… did I want to take on a new paper craft? This seamlessly integrated into my usual crafting, as I already love writing my friend cards.

It’s a 8 1/2″ x 11″ page protector with 9 pockets that we fill with crafty papers, goodies, and of course a letter to share with a friend or pen pal. These all  become works of art that show the receiver a bit about the sender!

Let me show you how easy it can be to make a pocket letter!



I made two of these and sent them to crafty friends that I miss from where I lived most recently. Receiving snail mail, especially hand made cards, makes a sunny spot on a gloomy day, and I hope I’m returning the favor.

The best part of these pocket letters is that they easily fold up in thirds and fit inside a business envelope, so you still only need one stamp!

Steps to create a pocket letter:

  1. Choose papers which coordinate and give a feel for the theme you are creating. I was trying to create a valentines day letter for some of my crafty friends, so I used some leftover papers from cards created last year (I save everything ha ha…who doesn’t??).
  2. I cut my scraps to  2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, the size of a playing card, to fit inside a pocket.
  3. Did you notice some of the papers in the pockets had pockets of their own? That’s to hold some of the goodies in their place! For these, cut 2 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and score on the long side at 3 1/2″.
  4. Decorate each piece going in the 9 pockets! Stamp some tags, die cut a few labels, tie some twine, add some stickers — your creativity makes this a letter from YOU!
  5. I used the center pocket to hold a short letter (it’s covered in the photo for privacy of course).
  6. Add some small (flat) goodies for your pen pal. What do you think they may like?

    TIPS for what you can include with your pocket letter: embellishments, ribbon or bakers twine wrapped around a flat piece of cardstock, tea bags, sticker sheets, die cuts, sequins, seed packets, photographs, flat magnets, recipes, gift cards, quote cards, comic strips, feathers, corner bookmarks, business card, stamps, planner supplies, embellished paper clips, doilies, colorful buttons, handmade tags, and so much more.


9-pocket pages, usually for storing sports cards ultra-pro. If you have any at home, great! You can upcycle them! If not, they are fairly cheap on amazon, or can be found at big box stores.

Coordinating cardstock. You don’t need a lot, and 6×6 paper pads work well since the patterns match. If you are already a paper crafter, you may already have a bit of this to get started. Some people use their own drawing and art work and cut them to size.

Dies I used are from the Stitched All Around set:

I created a few tags using the Everyday punch:

Start simply, and it’ll look great. Cutting 9 pieces of beautiful papers and sliding them into the sleeves looks beautiful. This can be a cheap hobby, and it’s super enjoyable. Organization Bonus: You can keep the ones you receive neatly stored in a binder.

With this pocket letter, I’m playing along with the following challenges:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Do you have a crafty friend or a pen pal? Let us know what else could be sent in a pocket letter in the comments –would love to know what you would send!

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