Stack of stamped crafty comic cards_wide
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Happy Crafting Comic Card!

If only there was a comic book about a crafter’s adventures!! What would your favorite story be? From burning away some of my finger prints with my heat tool to to dropping an ink pad (of course upside down) onto my pants to creating while my fingers are still glued together, not to mention being perpetually covered in random glitter! It’s all worth it, of course. Comment below about your favorite time crafting and we can share a few laughs!

Since I’m  not much of a drawer, I made a Comic Card and tried to capture all the excitement and drama that happens in my craft closet!

Stack of stamped crafty comic cards_wide

Each panel uses a different color of the rainbow along with a bold crafty image!

Based on how I would be cutting each panel to fit in with the others, I determined it would be easiest to stamp a stack of cards. Check out below for how to make these cards!

Instructions for this card:

  1. I picked 6 colors of cardstock from my scrap stash. Of course I chose a rainbow!! Happy colors for a happy card!
    • I cut all to 5 1/4″ x 4″.
    • Don’t worry! This will make 6 unique cards!Rainbow stack of scraps
  2. On a 5 1/4″ x 4″ piece of scrap paper, I drew a template using a ruler and a pencil. I made 2 “horizontal” lines and connected those with 3 “vertical” lines.comic card template
  3. Placing my template over the color stacks of panels (I was able to cut 3 colors at a time), I cut the horizontal lines, and then cut those apart on the vertical lines.
    • To keep me from losing pieces, I kept my colors panels stacked in rainbow order after they were cut, and placed them in their orientation to the side.
    • There should now be 6 stacks of rainbow (or the color scheme you chose).
  4. Stamp!! Yay!
    • I used the crafty stamps from the Stampin Up set “Crafting Forever” and stamped in black ink. The “crafty” words were done using a black marker.
    • I found it easiest and most efficient to stamp an image on each color panel in a rainbow stack at a time. Then I chose a different stack and stamped a different image.
    • Using Versamark ink, I added a touch of texture to some of the panels using the Stampin Up set “Love You Sew.”Stamping on each panel in a stack
  5. I folded 6- 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ black card bases in half, and adhered pieces down to the card front, leaving black edges to show between the pieces.

    Tip: To place your panels on each card base in their orientation before adhering them, take one of your six panel stacks of rainbow (you knew there had to be a reason for the uber-organization!), and starting with purple, place one panel on each card base. Then, with another panel stack of rainbow, go around again and place one panel on each card starting with purple BUT start with the second card base. I did this “round-robin style” until all 6 panels were on their respective cards.


  6. Lastly, I die-cut my sentiment (mine is from Hero Arts) once from black and once from any color scrap you choose. I used a thin strip of glue to adhere the black “happy” offset from the colored “happy,” and then did the same to adhere it to the card front.
Stamp a stack of crafty comic cards
My finished stack of crafty comic cards!

I know, right?!? “Happy Crafting” is also my sign-off! The bonus of making my own cards: I can do what I want!

Challenges I’m playing along with:

I hope you enjoyed this card! If you like it, please share this post with your favorite social media!

Happy Crafting!

13 thoughts on “Happy Crafting Comic Card!”

  1. Beautiful bold cards. Great CASE. My adventures usually start with me trying to do to much at one time. My friends joke about not letting me near a glue gun. I was trying to make “gears” out of the hot glue and touched it a bit too soon and it stuck to my fingers. OUCH. Thank you for helping STAMPlorations celebrate 5 years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you MariLynn! And Ouch! I hope you were ok! Having a hot glue such to your fingers is quite an adventure!! Half of our scars must be from our glue guns! Did the “gears” turn out? I’d love to see if they did!


  2. Ink smudges would be my most popular crafting mishap! Love how your card set is an hommage to crafting. And I’m tickled that you CASEd my design. How clever to cut CS and then make a whole set at one time! Thanks so much for playing with us at STAMPlorations Birthday party!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ink smudges are definitely an inevitable mishap for sure! (We then get a chance to use sequins to cover them up hee hee) Your design was brilliant! This was the best way I could figure to make it look as neat as yours, and I love being efficient and stamping a stack at a time. Thank you!!


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