Stamp a Stack from Scraps! You Are My Anchor Paper Pumpkin Scraps Tutorial

From a single paper pumpkin kit, after the kit has been made as instructed, there are always enough extras and scraps for many extra cards! That’s why I want to show your my ideas for the You Are My Anchor Paper Pumpkin scraps!

I think this might be a trait of many crafters, but I don’t throw away my leftover pieces or scraps! So let’s be resourceful: I’d like to share a short stack I stamped and created from the scraps and extras after I made the kit, and show you how to do make them, too!


Stack of Nautical Cards made from the kit leftovers.

1. Two Lighthouse Cards

I gathered my extra pieces along with a piece of Island Indigo cardstock cut in half and some scrap white cardstock.

I cut 3 mini-cards in half. Next, I chose an unmade calypso coral wave, the lighthouse lightburst, and the blue striped anchor. We will use these along with extras to make a bunch of cards (and you’ll still have a few pieces to be creative with!).

Die cut a circle out of the lightburst half. I used a sizzix die, but any will do.

For your first lighthouse card:

Adhere together your “Card Candy.” That is the top part which, once glued together, creates a tag that you can use to easily create a card!

I glued the lightburst circle that we die-cut onto one of the extra white circles with the gold trim. I then glued the blue stripe half onto white cardstock.

Dimensionals were perfect to make the lighthouse pop.

On a white strip of cardstock, I stamped a sentiment. If you aren’t feeling the tiny ones included in the paper pumpkin kit, you could use a larger one from their Watts of Occassions set, as I did here, or their High Tide set. Adhere this to your card and trim to fit.

Lastly, tie some of the leftover twine around the front of the card. You could tie a fancy knot or a basic one and the twine makes it look fun.

For your second lighthouse card,

We’ll make it special with a little shaker. I just can’t resist making shaker cards!
On the back of the lightburst half (with the circle cut from it), adhere a small plastic window.

Adhere foam adhesive around the window, and any extra pieces on the corners to support this shaker. Add sequins or glitter in the middle of one of the calypso coral halves.  You can see I chose gold glitter (I can’t seem to find my gold sequins!).

Flip the window on top of the piece with the glitter and adhere firmly. We don’t want glitter getting everywhere…somehow I have it in my carpet!! Glue one of the extra lighthouses down onto the shaker. Shake your Card Candy!

Just like the last card, find a sentiment you like and stamp onto a white strip of cardstock, and adhere it to the card.


    Bonus: Anchor fold card

But what about the other half of the mini anchor card we cut for the last set? Don’t’ think we would forget about that cute anchor! Let’s make a half-fold card with it!
Starting with an 8” x 4 ¼“ piece of pool party cardstock, score it at 2½” and 3¾”.  Here are the dimensions of each section:

Anchor halffold dimensions

Fold on the score lines so the small center panel closes over the large panel. This will create a 4¼” x 5½” mailable card.

Cut Calypso Coral cardstock into two pieces: 4” x 4” and 2¼” x 4”. Adhere these to your front panel and the large inside panel.
Cut a piece of white cardstock 3” x 3”. This will go on the inside under the overhanging anchor.

Decorate as desired, but finish your card by adhering the left half of the anchor onto the front fold so that it hangs over the white cardstock. You only need glue on the one side…I wasn’t paying attention the first time I made this and nearly glued by anchor completely down!


2. Anchor Flip Card

If you are like me and prefer regular sized cards (A2) to these mini-cards, it’s cute to adhere them to a 4 ¼ x 5 ½ piece of cardstock! Try this with one of the mini-cards to make an Anchor flip card. I stamped along the bottom with the anchors, but some ribbon could jazz it up, too.


3. Anchor Knot Card

Lastly, what about the sheet where we popped out the life preservers, anchors, and lighthouses? I couldn’t bring myself to recycle that when I saw the possibilities with that scrap!!

I adhered a scrap of nautical rope paper (calypso would look cute too) to the back of my center anchor, and adhered the whole piece to a scrap of blue cardstock. If you are out of nautical paper from the kit and don’t have patterned paper, you could also stamp on plain calypso and blue cardstock and adhere it behind these anchor cutouts.

I trimmed the blue so 5½” long and adhered it close to the top of my card. As you can see from the pictures, I decided to switch the card color to calypso coral from pool party midway through my creative burst. Which do you like better?

Using one of the many extra sentiment pieces, I adhered it to a piece of the blue I had trimmed above and adhered that below the anchors.

Nothing says nautical like some fun knots! I had to learn how to tie some nautical knots for these cards of course, but I think the results are worth it! A Carrick Bend is featured on this card, but there are so many fun nautical knots that would look amazing on this card! Many apps are available, but I used Knots 3D to teach me how to tie it and then I adhered it around the bottom using glue dots. Lastly, I made a simple knot to tie the two ends on the inside of the card.

I had to control myself and not make this one into another shaker card…but there are a few other rows of these leftover cutouts! Who knows what will happen when I get a few cups of coffee in me!?!

Do you have any nautical papers or embellishments? The extras from this kit would look fantastic with them. Use them here! I hope this tutorial inspires you to use some of your scraps and leftovers from kits today.

Please feel free to share any of your creations here! Happy crafting!

Looking for more paper pumpkin scrap alternatives? Click on the picture below!

If you are interested in getting your own monthly Paper Pumpkin kit delivered to your mailbox, click here! Every month I will showcase a few alternative cards and creations you can create with the kit!

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  1. Wow this is awesome and as you said, crafters don’t throw anything away. 😉
    Thank you for sharing and beautiful cards.

  2. Aww their all so pretty! I love how you come up with creative ways to use your scraps! ☺☺ I have a hard time throwing away scraps too! They can always come in handy for another card/project!! ☺☺

    • I have a box where I store my scraps. I go there whenever I’m feeling a creativity block and I always find something fun to create. How to you store the “untraceable” scraps? I’d love to hear some ideas for this problem!

      • Me to! I also go to them if I remembered that I had something that could possibly work for the current project/card I’m working on. ☺ For scrap pieces I usually store them in clear zip lock bags where I can see what’s mainly inside without having to open it. ☺

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