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Mother’s Day Quilt

In honor of Mother’s Day, for all mothers and those who take on the mother role with pride, I’d like to share a quilt I made for my own Mom. My brother and I are both grown, but she kept a lot of t-shirts from our childhoods that held a special meaning. These included family trip, special vacation memories, and activities we were involved in.


The shirts were varying sizes, which I thought would be a difficulty. This was remedied by creating a design that featured a large center column and symmetrical columns on the sides. I needed an extra couple of squares in the smallest columns, so I used a few hats which were also found in the box. Yes, hats!

I kept the quilting to simple diamonds, as it was the t-shirts who were the stars of the show.

This was a great way to preserve the memories for my Mom in a way that can be enjoyed and comfortable, not hidden in a box in the basement. Do you or your family have old t-shirts boxed up, too? How else could these memories be preserved?


I hope this gave you some inspiration today. Happy crafting!


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