Craft Space Organization: Step 1

We all want to organize our craft space. Whatever art happens there. No matter the size. I’ve always had a small space so I’ve learned the hard way the value of organization and also a few things to avoid in the name of “organization.” Plus, it’s a fun part of being creative! Are you ready to start Craft Organization Step 1?

But organizing can be difficult and overwhelming! Check below for the first simple step to organizing your happy craft space.
Some benefits of organization include:

  • Function. If it’s simple to use, the artist in you can function more efficiently.
  • Save money by not forgetting about supplies and buying more.
  • Save time finding supplies and tools.
  • Increase creativity. Being organized can help streamline your process. How many times have you had an idea, and in the process of finding a specific stamp or ribbon, you forgot the idea? We’ve all been there.

I know you’re thinking about Pinterest. I Love love LOVE pinterest [check out my board] but I’ve gotten lost looking at other peoples giant craft rooms organized beyond organization. You can look at lists on the internet all night long or buy every container that’ll fit, but your space won’t miraculously work for you without a bit of pre-planning, some self-assessment, some trial-and-error, and of course lots of creativity.

YOUR space can only be created by YOU. It’ll be unique to you, and it’ll work best for YOUR creative process. It’s your space so make it work for you!

Complete overhauls of a space may not work for you either; it can take a lot of time, leave a mess, and overwhelm anyone! Let go of any guilt for previous disorganization and let this process be organic. Once piece at a time can sometimes be more satisfying as you see your progress each time you put a few minutes into it.

So here is your first step to organizing your craft space:

1. Look around whatever space you currently use, be it a large room devoted only to crafting or a coffee table with a box next to it, and think about answers to these questions as you craft this week:

  • What works for you? Is there a supply that is very accessible and functional? What is pleasing for you to look at? This is your space – Does it feel like it?

  • What isn’t working for you? Are their supplies not easily accessible? What is causing you frustration or continually gets misplaced? Is a box overstuffed, making your supplies effectively inaccessible? Are you continually using the same bin, yet it’s on a high shelf or in another room?

  • How is your space currently utilized? Take a minute to look at your floor space and the available vertical space. Do you have shelves?

That’s it. You don’t have to DO anything. Easy, right? This week, just do your crafting as usual, but ask yourself these above questions. Your answers will help guide you to creating the organization systems that work best for you. Write down on paper if there is a part of your current set-up that seems to work for you. Write down if there is a barrier to you and your creativity.

Examples to get you thinking for this step:

What supply do you use the most? How are they currently stored and accessed?

I used to keep my small scraps of paper in a box. Anytime there were leftover pieces from a card or a scrapbook page, it went into this ugly box so that I could use it on a later project. Do you do the same thing and save scraps in a box? What I soon realized was that this box, while storing my scraps, wasn’t being utilized the way I had intended. While crafting, I almost never opened it…it seemed easier to search through my cardstock. This can really waste some craft dollars!

Personally, I found I worked by color theme. “Oh, a piece of pink behind this sentiment would really make it pop!” An old accordion paper holder would be useful and upcycled for craft organization (doesn’t everyone have used office supplies laying around?), organized my scraps by color (ROY G. BIV), and put them in their place. It’s not the prettiest yet, but it’s currently working a heck of a lot better than that box!

Is your current method efficient?

Once I realized I wasn’t using my scraps in the box because they weren’t easy to look through, finding an organization method that functioned with my brain became easier.

Apparently I’m an “outta sight, outta mind” kind of crafter. Don’t you just love to see the pictures of other crafters who label their drawers? And it works for them! But if I don’t see at least a piece of what is there, I don’t often consider using it for my current project. It took some time (and some lost supplies!) to learn this about myself, but now it helps me to keep my creative juices flowing and my cards flying into their envelopes.

What do you like about your space?

Let me show you my craft closet as it is now and as I decide to organize new parts of it, in order to give you some ideas while you work through the process of making your craft space all yours. Is my space perfect? Not at all, but it’s still my happy place. As I grow (and perhaps shift in my crafting style), my craft closet will grow and evolve with me. This may be the same for your space. I want to help you evolve your craft space to make it your happy place, too.


Some people want to keep their hobby a secret. I did, too, thinking it wasn’t something my friends would be interested in. After a little organizing, I felt more comfortable opening up my space to others, including you. But it’s vulnerable, right? Surprisingly, many of my friends not only thought my space was cool, but I also learned many also kept their own hobby to themselves!

Once our secret was spilled, we swapped a few ideas that really work to keep a space functional and inspirational. Discussing what we like and dislike about our craft spaces was a fantastic way to find more of our crafty tribe!

I’d like to share with you not only the simple steps to transforming your craft space into your happy place, but also many more ideas!

I’d love it if you left me a comment about your own creative space! What works for you? Everyone works differently and you could be inspiration to another crafter!

Check back here every week for a new simple organization step that won’t overwhelm you. Feel free to subscribe to get an email alert when new steps are posted.

Happy Crafting!

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