Clear Shaker Coffee Cup Card Tutorial

Sometimes I’m too tired to put away my stamps, papers, and ribbons after I finish a project. When I come back to my closet later, I’ll often sit down and, with everything already in front of me, can just start making some new cards. Efficient, right? Either way, I just love making coffee cards so here’s a new shaker card with a new style to help you stay caffeinated.

clearcoffeecup - 1

Instructions for this card:

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Craft Space Organization: Week 1

We all want to organize our craft space. Whatever art happens there. No matter the size. I’ve always had a small space so I’ve learned the hard way the value of organization and also a few things to avoid in the name of “organization.” Plus, it’s a fun part of being creative! But organizing can be difficult and overwhelming! Check below for the first simple step to organizing your happy craft space. Continue reading “Craft Space Organization: Week 1”

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Pinwheel Star Quilt Card Tutorial

I love sending thank you cards, and after my friend invited me to attend the quilting expo with her (check out my blog guide to sewing and quilt expos), I wanted to send my appreciation with a handmade card. And I was able to combine two of my favorite hobbies: card-making and quilting!


I hope you find my tutorial useful and it helps you create your own card. No quilting experience necessary. And it uses up those fun patterned scraps you’ve been saving! Continue reading “Pinwheel Star Quilt Card Tutorial”