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3D Coffee Café Card Tutorial

There are times when I see something handmade and think “I can make that!” only to find no instructions are available or the instructions won’t work with the materials I have.

What do you do? I sit down at my craft table and start playing. I of course don’t want to use my nice cardstock until my design has been worked out. I bring out my scraps and used copy paper (everything gets a second life in my tiny craft closet) to draw out, design, and redesign until the prototype works!

I wanted it to have that 3D effect as if it were a café, but it also needed to fit in an A2 envelope. This is a standard size sent in the US. Envelopes are 4.37” x 5.75”, so a 4.25” x 5.5” card fits nicely.

This tutorial may seem to have a lot of steps, but I promise each one is easy and the final product is worth it.

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