Meet Laura!

Hey there! I’m Laura, the crafter inside Laura’s Craft Closet. I have a passion for all things crafty!
I’ve been a paper crafter since I was about 10 thanks to my mother. After college, I learned how to quilt, began stamping cards again, and started my first scrapbook. This was a way to express my creativity as well as to relax, and I love sharing my creations with others!
The only trouble was my tiny apartments never left much room for an area completely devoted to my art. I had to get creative with my organization too! Each place I lived always seemed to turn a tiny closet into an area for my creativity with just a table, a few bins, and shelves for my crafts!
I just love any opportunity to share my passion with others and to inspire others to create as well! Here I can share with you what I create, what I design, and tips to put trendy twists on classics for a modern look.
Creativity can’t be contained by walls and doors.
Welcome to my Craft Closet!