Crafting to Find Comfort this Christmas Holiday 2020

Congrats on rocking this holiday season! This has been a strange year for lots of reasons for so many of us. Maybe a little crafting can help us find comfort during this christmas holiday.

Sometimes holidays are times with loved ones, but if you are also finding yourself with a little extra alone time for this one and looking to craft, I have a few recent posts that might be fun to try. We can try to make the best of a different situation. Grab a cup of cocoa (I won’t judge if it has a little extra “holiday cheer” in it) and your stamps! Let’s craft today.

There’s no new Stampin’ tutorial to post, but I will be back with something fun next week! If you’ll be crafting, I’ll be crafting, too! So take a peek below for some fun ideas to make while you relax.

If you want to do a little crafting with your holiday stash, check out this:

There’s even an easy way to make it into a thank you card if you want to express a little snowy gratitude to those people who have made this year a bit brighter.

Are you in a mood to start cleaning for New Years? Scraps from all of the years’ projects pile up, but they are so pretty! That makes it difficult to toss away. To highlight some of these pretty pieces of designer paper, try this easy version of the herringbone design:

Something about buffalo plaid, the red and black check pattern that’s become so popular, just makes you feel cozy. Let’s replicate that for this gift card holder card that looks like a shirt pocket!

In the mood for chocolate? This is a fun card to create for a sweetie in your life. You could even get a jump-start on a few Valentine’s Day card with this project:

Are you already over the cold and snow, and need a little rainbow and sunshine in your life right now? How about this one you can make with just a few inks:

I hope you find a little inspiration with one (or more!) of these great tutorials! Now is a great time to play with your craft stash and stamp for a little relaxation time. I hope your holiday season, while likely different from previous years, has a bit of comfort to get you through. Tough times never last forever, and sometimes crafting helps me through to the better times.

Happy Crafting!

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