Storage and Organization of Paper Pumpkin Stamps

Here is a tip for Storage and Organization of Paper Pumpkin Stamps! This quick and easy video shows how to always be able to find your Paper Pumpkin stamp sets.

Paper pumpkin organization video

Paper Pumpkin is a monthly kit from Stampin’ Up delivered right to your door. It contains everything you need to create fun and creative projects, including a unique stamp set and an ink spot! I have always recommended this as a way for newbies to build their craft collection as well as for avid crafters to reinvigorate their creativity!

I’ve tried a LOT of ways to organize my Paper Pumpkin stamps, but a tricky part is to keep things together while also being able to see what you have at a glance. Find what the cute stamp set when you need them.

What can you do to organize your Paper Pumpkin Stamp Sets?

Some of the ways I’ve considered include:

  • Large bins with dividers
  • Binders with pages for each stamp set

While these might look nice in a picture, I found the large bins didn’t work well because I had to dig through the bin to find what I wanted. Plus, this would also take LOTS of bins since I’ve been getting Paper Pumpkin for a LONG TIME, and I just don’t have the shelf space for all of those bins! The binders seemed like a great idea, but I found myself flipping and flipping to find the set I wanted. It just took too long.

While either of these organizing ideas may look nice, if your craft space is of the more modest size, having a bunch of extra bins might not be feasible. Additionally, the binders didn’t let me quickly find the set I wanted. This was a major problem for me — It’s not Laura’s Craft “Closet” for nothing! Therefore, I needed to find another solution.

See below for a quick and easy video tip for organizing the stamp sets that come each month in your Paper Pumpkin kits, no matter how large your collection is.

(If you are reading this in an email, click here for the YouTube video:

I love how this not only organizes all the fun stamp sets from Paper Pumpkin, but also is a great way to upcycle!

How easy is that?!

I have now done this for all of my Paper Pumpkin stamp sets, and will continue to store them this way when I finish my kit each month.

After I do this and store/organize/file my Paper Pumpkin stamp sets, I then typically find myself playing with the set much more often. It’s very easy to create beautiful new projects. Organized AND Crafting!

Furthermore, when my Paper Pumpkin kit arrives (ok, when I complete it and make all the alternatives I want), I continue to store them this way and “file them” as I showed in the video. It only takes a couple minutes and is easy to STAY organized. Likewise, this allows me to craft creatively and more efficiently. No hunting for that one stamp that I know is “around here somewhere…

Wanna know the cool part? Now when I want a stamp set, I can just pull the labeled case down from the shelf!

Supplies for Paper Pumpkin Stamp Organization:

Product List

Paper Trimmer


I really hope this quick tip helped you, especially if you are on a journey to clean up your craft area or looking for an easy way to keep it organized. Please subscribe if you would like more tips and tutorials for crafting and craft organization.

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Happy Crafting!

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